Election 2012

Getting campaign politics out of the way, if you don’t know who to vote for  or if you want to be sure who you are voting for lines up with your views, take this test:  http://www.isidewith.com/    It is my contention that you should at least know [that] who you are voting for is actually for the issues you support, rather than basing our decision on sound bites that might obscure the real issues.  Anyway, try the test and see how it turns out for you.

Many of us might be more political than rational.  We point our finger at President Obama or Governor Romney (depending on who we are for/against) and say the other is a liar, naive, a socialist or non-caring.  The truth is more likely:  they are both very capable leaders, intelligent, and want to do what is best for the American people.  But – they have a different view of the best America, they have very different paths to help the country and world and they are imperfect men – both of them.  Just like you and me, their experiences in life, their world view(s), their philosophies of life all impact how they view the world.  Furthermore, let’s not forget that having differences and being able to share them is what makes our country great.  We might get upset at politics but get rid of them and you are likely in one of the protest movements we see around the world where your life is at stake.  We should all be very grateful at our “politics.”

That made me think of something else.  Many of the same people who are emphatic democrats or republicans would probably say there are many paths to God while adamantly believing there is only one path to freedom, prosperity and success – theirs – and their political parties. Well intended people think that a president and congress will make or break us while discounting the Bible and the God of the Bible as debatable or even detestable.  Born again Christians – those who actually believe the Bible and the Jesus of the Bible – are  the odd balls even though our great country was founded upon this belief.  That is not true of everyone, of course.  But it appears to be true of a lot of people.

My suggestion is that all of us look a bit closer at the God that created us instead of the men trying to lead us.  And for those who discount the Bible who have never read or studied it, you may not be as smart as you might give yourself credit!  I’m just saying ….   Just like you wouldn’t trust an uneducated pilot, surgeon, lawyer, plumber, electrician, carpenter, financial adviser, etc., to serve you why should anyone trust an uneducated opinion about a Bible someone has never studied or read?  So, during this election season, let’s all pray for God to reveal Himself to you and me as we read the Bible – the Holy one.  Then our choice of a President may just work out, despite who we voted for.

Thomas Wheeler