Second Wind is an inspiring book written by Tom Wheeler (no relation that we know of) who really has his priorities in the right places. Not only have I read his book, but I visited one of his facilities for men and was impressed most by the new hope the men have. Tom is selling hope at no cost and I know of no finer product on the market today. An amazing book by an amazing man.”
A.(Humpy) Wheeler, noted NASCAR promoter and member of 12 halls of fame

“Second Wind shares the experience of a man who once was a very successful Apple Computer employee focused on what he received, to a new man transformed by God’s grace to someone focused more on what he gives – as a servant – to God’s least.  Rather than talking about helping the poor, as many often do, Tom moved in with them. This is consistent with Christian Community Development Association’s (CCDA) philosophy of the three R’s, relocation, reconciliation, and redistribution. His experiences are both heart wrenching and humorous – the reality of life itself.  Second Wind is inspiring, uplifting, and encouraging.  A reminder that while we find ourselves in a spiritual war, God is what we all want and need and if we would just let Him use us as He sees fit, we can change the world one at a time.  I recommend Second Wind to anyone seeking to know the truth of God and the reality of loving our neighbor as ourselves. It’s worth your time.”
~ John Perkins, Founder & Chairman, Emeritus, CCDA, President of the John Perkins Foundation

“Second Wind is a tremendous testimony to listening to God, getting the stones out of the path and counting on God to encourage and enrich and watch for transforming hearts the get the Second Wind.”
~ Luke Witte, Pastor, Marketplace Chaplains, former NBA cavalier

“Second Wind is a book that shows Tom Wheeler’s pilgrimage from being a skeptic to a totally devoted follower of Jesus.  He covers in depth topics from the unseen world and its reality, to Christian apologetics, to what Christian character should look like, to what faith in Jesus really means, to why Christians should give their lives away to the most destitute.  He challenges skeptics.  He also challenges Christians to embrace fully what it means to follow Jesus.  It is my privilege to recommend this book to all who desire to understand authentic Christianity.”
~Dr. Rev. David Chadwick, Sr. Pastor, Forest Hill Church, Charlotte, NC

“If you read Second Wind and still do not understand what it means to be a Christian, you may never understand. It’s simple and direct. Having known Tom for over 15 years, he doesn’t just preach it, he lives it .The funny, sometimes sad and awful stories, Tom writes about in Second Wind are the reality he faced moving into the hood. If you really want to help the poor, I would encourage you to read Second Wind.”
Steven Wile, Carpenter

“What Tom Wheeler is doing at Hoskins Park Ministry is amazing.  We are fortunate he is telling some of the stories that have evolved out of his ministry in his book Second Wind.”
~ Cam Harris

“Second Wind is an honest and powerful look at the reality of life and where hope is found. Tom weaves together his own experiences with the truth of God’s Word to stand in the gap when life comes unraveled. It is well worth the investment of your time to read and then give it to someone who needs hope.”
~ Rev. Jim Kallam, Sr. Pastor, Church at Charlotte

“As a physician volunteer at the monthly medical clinic at Hoskins Park, I am privileged to witness first- hand the Second Wind life changing experience the ministry is having on these men.  Tom Wheeler does not just “talk the talk” he also “walks the walk”. Read Second Wind and then take your own step out in faith.”
~ E Craig Evans MD, Surgical Oncologist, Surgical Specialist of Charlotte, Charlotte , NC

“Second Wind has come from Tom’s heart; the stories he tells come from his own life, and from among those people most of us cast out – or, at least, ignore.  Tom is sold out to God and to God’s love for those in need. As you read Second Wind, may you also be challenged to choose God’s fast.”
~ Kelvin Smith, Lead Pastor, Steele Creek Church of Charlotte

“Just as Tom quotes his partner and friend Johnny Allen, he has pursued the ministry God has given him ‘by sacrificing what I considered to be productivity for the sake of the person’, and in the process of touching each Man individually, has built one of the most effective missions to the homeless, one that ‘comes along side’ (one of Tom’s favorite phrases) of these men and therefore goes at their pace, and God’s pace, not ours. It has been a privilege to know Tom over many years.  However you read Second Wind, please be sure to read all the biblical passages contained therein – they are solid truth and touch on all the foundational elements of faith in Jesus and the life and hope Tom tries to instill into the hearts of his clients – but READ SECOND WIND!”
Tom Emmrich, President and CEO, Entegreat Inc. and FOT (Friend of Tom)

“I must commend my fellow soldier, Tom Wheeler, for writing a candid and compelling book about serving the lost.  In his book, Second Wind, he gives voice to the stark realities and dysfunctions that assault the inner city and hold captive, men and women who are literally dying to be free.  In the end, there is an answer and Tom makes that abundantly clear throughout the book, and each of us who dare to read this book are a vital part of that answer!”
~ Colin Pinkney, Executive Director, The Urban Restoration Inc., 2012 Governors Gold Medallion Recipient for Mentoring Excellence and Chaplain, Charlotte Bobcats

“I loved the practical and Biblical balance in this very well written book. The author brings to light the intense struggle for our soul that is very real, and many Christians don’t realize the reality of this spiritual battle. Talking about the supernatural can be uncomfortable, but we are defeated if we are not aware of the conflict. Thomas Alan Wheeler speaks Biblical truth and writes from a perspective that anyone could relate to. He gives us interesting factual information as well as his own intriguing life experiences.  I highly recommend this book for a greater understanding of the life and death struggle for our soul.  It’s a great book!”
Karen Flynn

“Second Wind is one of the most inspiring books I have ever read.  I ordered 5 copies and have handed them out to anyone who will agree to read them.  I believe Wheeler’s book may start a revolution of people wanting to die to self and truly live for Jesus and our fellow man.  God Bless the work he is doing!  This book has certainly inspired me to reach out to others.  I have volunteered to work with the homeless since reading the book and I am so thankful that someone has brought this very real issue to light . I love the format of the book…… Thank you again for the work you are doing and the people you are reaching.”
~ Vicky Lackey

“Tom Wheeler’s book, Second Wind, is truly an inspiration.  To many people, Tom Wheeler, had it all….a fantastic job at Apple, expensive toys(even his own plane!), any object his heart desired.  But, he still felt empty until he gave it all up to  serve “the least of my brothers.”  Read his amazing story and learn about the real war we are all in.  An exceptional book about serving the lost and finding your own soul.You will not look at your life the same after reading this book.   God’s Blessings and Peace,”

~Jayne Zabrowski

Tom, thank you for writing Second Wind!  For me personally, it was enlightening and made me REALLY think about what having faith and living with Christ means. I realized that, although I’ve said I’m a Christian, I’ve never really LIVED it.  Second Wind made me understand that difference.  After reading it, I’ve started reading the Bible too, something I have never felt the desire to do before. I want to know more of His word.  I also want to understand what you meant by finding your calling and then how you’re able to do what you do – giving up the world many of us long to satisfy us, for the sake of God and His poor. In fact, in wanting to understand what’s driving you, I’m learning about what’s driving ME. I honestly can’t thank you enough for helping that “click” go off in my brain, I thank God everyday for leading you into mine and Chris’s lives!

~Jessika Theologus