Would You Have Fired Judas?


Knowing and Obeying Our True Orders by Resurrecting Discipleship.

The author uses his testimony and experience with Hoskins Park Ministries to tie all of these issues together into a strong message – one well articulated and well focused, even as he addresses some sensitive topics.



The specific message of Would You Have Fired Judas? focuses on: 


  1. Increasing the depth of our discipleship process in the local church,  
  2. Increasing collaboration between the local church and parachurch organizations (non-profits), 
  3. Assessment of Christians (and groups) for the purpose of ensuring the proper people are in the proper roles in our Christian leadership positions and that our group model is working, and,
  4. How to energize (awaken) our Christian army for the sake of the lost and the least by identifying their role on God’s army, helping focus them on THAT position and encouraging them to disciple those around them. 

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