Second Wind (Paperback)


Has Life Knocked the Wind Out of You?

Do you ever feel like life has passed you by and you never reached the goals you set out to attain? Have you ever asked yourself, Is this all there is to life? YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Many people today feel that life is a whirlwind and they can’t seem to catch their breath.

Second Wind is the source to help you answer some of life’s hardest questions. Questions like: How did I get to where I am today? Why can’t I seem to bring my life out of this hole I am in? Do I have to live in depression? Is there a better way? What seems to be holding me back? What is behind the craziness I notice in the world today?  And more. Second Wind is about biblical truth. It is a book for those whose lives haven’t turned out the way they expected and wonder why. Using modern day parables and the author’s own experiences, this book discusses the battle we are all in. Second Wind is about truth and truth is like getting more oxygen, when the air you are breathing doesn’t have enough.  And the truth is: 

We are not physical people deteriorating day-by-day until death takes us to the abyss; we are souls being advanced moment-by-moment until God takes us home.  That is the truth!

When life knocks the wind out of you, just remember, Sometimes All You Need To Do Is BREATHE!  You just need to breathe the right air. Second Wind will help you discover THAT air!


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