The Importance of Priorities

Priorities matter.

Ultimately we are all a culmination of our combined choices.  And our choices are typically based upon our priorities.

We don’t get very far without having a target and then aiming at that target through our choices. Do you know anyone who became a doctor, lawyer, pilot, professional athlete, etc. without choosing to become one and then doing what it takes to achieve such a goal?  Probably not.

The order we place on people, places, things, and events during each 24 hour day define both our short and long term priorities.  And they are solidified more by our actions than our words.  Talk is cheap – we all know that.  So what we “do” on a day to day basis is the truest reflection of our priorities.

Did you eat food you liked today or yesterday?  If so, that was a priority (I am writing this after finishing a fresh piece of delicious carrot cake from McAlisters!).  If not, you probably prioritized something else above your taste buds.  Did you get sleep last night?  How much/little may also have reflected its’ priority. Did you go to work?  Another priority.  Did you shower?  Exercise?  Shop?  Watch television?  Read the Bible?  Share the Bible?  Spend time with your wife, children, family, or friends?  The answer to all of those questions, despite your answer, is a reflection of  your priority about the issue at hand.

In the Study Guide I just wrote for Second Wind, I ask readers to draw two pie charts.  I then ask them to slice each pie into pieces according to how they use their time and money.  I am attempting to help readers identify  priorities by our most treasured resources, time and money.  Try it.  It can be eye opening.

Sadly, many of us live contradictions.  We have dreams but are unwilling to prioritize what it takes to achieve them.  Many people would like to run a marathon, for instance, but aren’t willing to train for one.  Many want to have their own business but are unwilling to suffer through the pains of doing so.  Many people want to lose weight but won’t change their diet or exercise patterns because they like the “taste” of food and the “comfort” of sitting on the sofa.  I’m sure you get the point.  You don’t learn french (or anything else) by osmosis.  You have to study, learn, do what it takes.

And if you want to follow the Jesus of the Holy Bible – you need to read the Bible, understand what He said, and then do what He says to do.  Otherwise,  if we keep thinking our priorities are what we “dream” about rather than what we actually do on a daily basis, we are like the hypocrites and pharisees that same Jesus was talking about in the Bible.  People who loved to talk the talk without ever walking the walk.

What do you do on a daily basis?  That is the best indicator of your true priorities.  And at the end of our life, we truly are a culmination of our choices, because they represent our priorities.

So, what are our true priorities?


Thomas Wheeler